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Gift vouchers


Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, ‘A gift for you’

  • 30 minutes – $70-$80
  • 45 minutes – $88-$98
  • 60 minutes – $105-$115


You have the choice of buying a Gift Voucher of any value to be used for massage, heat packs or any combination of services or products.

Gift Vouchers can be posted or held at reception for pick-up.


Rectangular Heat  Bag

Used for general aches and pains like a hot water bottle

Price: $22.95


Used to relieve aches and pains through neck and shoulders. This bag has ties to keep it in place.

Price: $44.95

4 Division Tie Bag

Very versatile. Can be tied around ankle, calf, elbow, waist etc.

Price: $27.95

8 Panel Pack

Comes with 50cm straps. Used in lumbar area or can be worn as a back brace.

Price: $37.95

Junior Square

Used as heat or freeze pack for small areas E.g. toothache, earache, burns.

Price: $13.95

Neck Collar

Used to relieve neck pain.

Price: $31.95

8 Panel Lumbar/Thigh

Used for lower back or thigh. Can also be used on shoulder, arm or knees

Price: $35.00

Epsom Salts

Most commonly dissolved in warm bath water. Used to relieve muscular aches and pains, de-stress, heal minor cuts, reduce soreness after childbirth and more.

Price: $1.50 ea (1 bath) or 5 for $5.00

Tui Relaxation Massage Balm

Used as lubricant for massage

Price: $15.00 (50g)

Ear Candles

Used to reduce excessive wax build up, relieve pressure after flying or swimming, relieve headaches or sinus pain or general stresses

Price: $15.95

Back Magic

Used as a home alternative to Trigger Point Therapy. Used to improve posture, stretch the back and increase flexibility

Price: $80.00

Foam Roller

Foam Roller
Full Size
Price: $65.00
Half Size
Price: $45.00

41” Loop Band

41” Loop Bands

Price: $25.00 ea



Price: $6.00 ea

Heat Pack 4 Panel with ties

Price: $25.95

Heat Pack Junior Square

Price: $13.95

Heat Pack Neck Collar

Price: $31.95

Heat Pack Regular, without ties

Price: $22.95

Large Massage Ball

Price: $9.00

Massage Roller

Price: $38.00

Mini Tui Massage Balm

Price: $15.00

Patterned Heat Pack

Price: $34.95

Small Massage Ball

Price: $6.00

6” Loop Band

Price: $6.00

Anchor Stirrup for Resistance Bands

Price: $7.00

Gift Vouchers for any occasion

Price: As per schedule of fees or a select your own amount

Heat Pack 8 Panel lumbar without ties

Price: $35.00

Heat Pack 8 Panel with ties (lumbar)

Price: $37.95

Heat Pack Back-Pack

Price: $44.95

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